How can You make a positive impact on travelling?

Torukoishi has a robust action plan on how to reduce the impact of mass tourism on the environment. Our customers have a key role in putting this plan into practice effectively. We are all in this together.

  • We conduct our tours by foot or by public transport that produce the minimum amount of carbon emissions (for example: tram, train, metro, ferry or bus)
  • We choose our tour destinations carefully to avoid the impacts of mass tourism.
  • We cooperate and collaborate with small and local businesses, who share our values of eco-friendliness, sustainability, responsibility and safety.
  • We encourage our customers to use reusable dishware, reduce waste, to avoid wasting food and water, to save electricity and heat at all times during their travel.
  • We provide the opportunity for our customers to be open minded towards concepts such as “rescued food”, “zero waste”, “recycling”, “waste management” and “upcycle design”.
  • Whenever possible, we purchase local product and services to support the local economy.
  • We encourage, and provide opportunities for, our customers to buy Finnish souvenirs from small companies rather than in big chain stores.
  • We prefer small, high-quality accommodations, which have the “sustainability” mind-set. Such as cosy cottages, locally-owned bed & breakfasts, guest houses or boutique hotels.
  • We prefer and enjoy the delicacies of local small restaurants and cafes.
  • Whenever possible, we consume or encourage our customers to consume / buy organic and local produce.
  • We are actively working together with our business partners and customers to find ways to reduce our energy and water consumption.
  • We encourage and educate our customers to recycle and sort their waste.
  • We act responsibly and leave no trace. This means we don’t leave anything behind in the city or in nature. We put our waste only into waste bins. In case there are no available waste bins, we take our waste with us back home, where we can sort and recycle it.
  • We respect the local culture and traditions. For example, in Finland there is a practice called “everyman’s right”. It means that everybody is free to roam in nature freely. However, we need to refrain from trespassing people’s private territory. Finns appreciate silence and have a larger personal space. So we keep that in mind at all times.
  • We respect nature, plants and animals. We do not feed or cause harm to animals, we do not pick up moss. We do not light fire in the woods. We take utmost care that we do not pick up berries or mushrooms that can be poisonous.

Do you need more information about waste management and recycling in Finland?

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